Northwest AARP Chapter, Monroe County, Rochester, NY

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Trivia Challenge.
1:30 pm Friday, Mar. 18 2011
Greece Town Hall, Meeting Rooms
Our guest speaker is Jerry Taylor, retired Greece teacher,  founder of "Senior Tech" an in-home computer tutoring service for senior citizens.

Jerry will present an entertaining "TRIVIA" Power  Point program--a sampling--
In what city did the famous Brinks robbery take place? (Boston)
What did the Lone Ranger leave behind every time he saved someone? (silver bullet)
Do you enjoy answering questions like these?  Then you'll want to be sure to attend the Northwest AARP Trivia for Seniors presentation-it's a great exercise for your brain.  Hoin us for an entertaining  walk down Memory Lane
THE NORTHWEST AARP CHAPTER, 3498, provides the residents of the western side of Rochester-monroe County with program, membership, and other news of interest in the months of Sept.-May.
The the 2011 officers are:
Richard Gretzinger- President
Carol Rapp-Vice President
Carmela Gallinat--Margaret Stalcoskie-Secretaries
Barbara Cuthbert-Treasurer

For info call 585-225-3276 or